Allied Van Lines – Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers is a great way to minimize your stress during a relocation. These professionals have extensive knowledge about the process of relocation, and they will ensure that everything is completed efficiently and safely. If you have any concerns about the relocation process, these professionals will be able to explain everything to you so you can relax on moving day. 원룸이사

Allied Van Lines

The professionals at Allied Van Lines specialize in long distance, interstate and international moves. They also offer corporate relocation services and storage options. Their fees vary according to size, weight and distance. Some companies charge more for moving larger homes than smaller ones. In any case, you should be sure to check with Allied Van Lines for their rates before booking.

Allied Van Lines are among the most reputable moving companies. They are world-renowned and have over 75 years of experience. The moving company also has a network of agents all over the world. This allows them to offer customized services, such as online tracking tools. Although the company’s rates are higher than others, they have a proven track record and excellent customer service.

You can request a free quote online. The representative will then visit your home to conduct a detailed survey of your home and the contents of each room. They will also check behind doors and in drawers. They will also need to examine the attic and any outbuildings. This information will help Allied Van Lines create an accurate quote.

Allied Van Lines has its own fleet of vehicles. They offer both open and enclosed carriers for your convenience. Open carriers allow you to stack multiple vehicles on a single vehicle, but they are open to road hazards and the elements. The enclosed carriers are more secure, and are best for vehicles of high value. Allied Van Lines also provides a vehicle protection plan for its customers. These plans cover up to $100,000 in the event of theft or damage.

Allied Van Lines is a large carrier with a nationwide network of local agents. While its service is top-notch, the quality of labor used by their agents can be inconsistent. As a result, there may be more claims for damaged or missing items. Nonetheless, customers are often happy with the services provided by Allied Van Lines.

Allied Van Lines offers a full range of moving services, from packing your furniture and personal items to unloading them. Full-service moving services are available for both household and business relocation. If you don’t need all the services of a professional moving company, you can opt for Do-It-Yourself packing, which allows you to pack all your items without professional help. Additionally, Allied Van Lines provides moving supplies and tips to make the process easier for you.

Allied Van Lines offers a variety of moving options, including packing and unpacking, short and long-term storage, and a Personal Relocation Assistant. These options can help you move more easily and save money. Furthermore, you can trust the safety of your household items when hiring the Allied Van Lines professionals.

The rates for Allied Van Lines differ greatly, depending on the size and weight of your items. Typically, long-distance moves with packing services start between $2,000 and $5,000. In contrast, the average cross-country move costs around $3,500. This figure is based on a 7,000-pound shipment that travels about 1,000 miles. Because the company charges by weight, Allied Van Lines’ estimated prices are often inaccurate, especially if the shipment is large or contains heavy items. Allied Van Lines also has additional charges for services that are not included in the initial quote.

Allied Van Lines also provides several insurance options. If your household items are damaged during the move, you can file a claim using the company’s claims form. The deadline for submitting a claim is nine months from the time the move took place. If you receive a claim for damaged items, make sure to provide Allied with proof of the damage.